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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixers: Mixing Difficult & Multiple Density Products Rapidly With No Shearing

From food manufacturers to pharmaceutical manufacturers, agricultural to cosmetics, when manufacturers have the need to mix products of various densities that are difficult, they turn to the Fluidized Zone Mixers. The single or double shaft fluidized zone mixers create a mixing effect that causes ingredients to be mixed in a “fluidized zone” which is a zone that is created inside the mixing chamber where the ingredients mix in the air. The paddles mix the products by flinging the ingredients into the air “breaking gravity” and mixing rapidly yet gently. This type of mixing can decrease mixing times by 50-75%, depending on ingredients.

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PNA Conical Mixer For The Mixing Of Abrasive Materials.

How do you mix material that is both abrasive and voluminous and you also want to save plant space?

Ceramic materials possess such abrasive and voluminous characteristics and PerMix’s Conical Screw Mixer is the perfect choice for such an application whether in powder/slurry form. The gentle agitation mechanism imparts minimum wear making it suitable for abrasives like silicon carbide & zirconium oxide.

The Indian Ceramics Market is growing rapidly and is forecasted to grow at CAGR of 11.5% during 2020-2025. To meet processing needs of the Indian Ceramic Market PerMix has engineered the Conical Screw Mixer.

Some of the advantages offered by Conical Screw Blender are:
-High efficiency & excellent homogeneity with lower mixing time.
-Most gentle mixing.
-Low heat generation, suitable for heat sensitive products.
-No minimum volume required.
-No sealing/bearing exposed to product thus free of contamination by lubricating liquids.

Mixers For R&D

Developing a new formulation at the R&D stage can require multiple iterations to arrive at the optimal quality, functionality, cost or a combination of these and other factors. Typically, mixing at this scale is relatively easy to accomplish. 

When working with rare or expensive raw materials, it pays to prepare the smallest batch size possible that will still produce enough samples for testing and analysis. At the same time, the laboratory mixer must be scalable so that results can be replicated at larger volumes in a straightforward manner. While many styles of R&D mixers are available, such as magnetic stirrers & kitchen type single planetary mixers, many of these devices are not scalable equipment & will require extra time & resources for experimentation once the product graduates to pilot or production scale.

PerMix has variety of scalable R & D Mixer:

The double planetary mixer (DPM) moves material by rotating two identical blades on their own axes as they orbit on a common axis. The blades continuously advance along the periphery of the mix vessel, removing material from the walls and transporting it towards the interior. DPM’s are ideal for mixing thick gels, viscous pastes and dough-like materials. They are also used for vacuum drying pastes or slurries into free-flowing powder.

Ribbon blenders are commonly used for straightforward dry blending applications. The classic design features a U-shaped horizontal trough and an agitator made up of inner and outer helical ribbons that are pitched to move material axially in opposite directions, as well as radially.

Multi-shaft mixers consist of two or three independently-driven agitators working in tandem. A high speed disperser quickly draws powders into the liquid batch through a powerful vortex. The rotor/stator carries out a number of tasks depending on the product being mixed – it can puree solid ingredients, break down agglomerates, or prepare fine droplets in an emulsion. Finally, a low-speed anchor promotes bulk flow and uniform batch temperature while scraping the vessel sidewalls and bottom. They are highly versatile not only in the range of agitation conditions but also the variety of applications they can handle, from thin slurries and solutions to viscous pastes and suspensions. For even higher viscosities (>500,000 cP), “hybrid” planetary mixers are used where the high speed disperser rotates around the vessel, instead of having a fixed axis of rotation, and is complemented by a planetary stirrer.

High shear mixers can process batch volumes as low as 1 liter using interchangeable rotor/stator heads, sawtooth dispersers and propeller blades. Laboratory inline rotor/stators are also available. As an R&D tool, inline mixers are quite versatile in terms of the amount of product that can be processed and they offer precise control over the mixing process since the exact number of passes through the high-shear zone can be monitored with confidence. 

PTP Paddle Mixer For The Mixing Of Chocolate Powders

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” Linda Grayson

It’s hard to resist the sweet taste of a delicious chocolate. Our industrial mixers answer all your needs as chocolate makers, whether you need to mix and crush the cocoa nib, prepare a ganache, a praline, or make almond paste, calisson paste, sweets, macaroons, glazes, creams etc.

We discuss in particular about our Paddle Mixer which is popularly used for gentle & effective mixing of cocoa & chocolate powder with ingredients such as sugar, vitamins & minerals. Some of the products include hot cocoa mixes, powdered drink, cake mixes, etc.

Some of the features of our Paddle Mixers are:

– It can handle wide range of viscous liquid.
– Available for continuous & batch operation.
– Lower power consumption.
– Variety of feeding options can be selected by the customers (manual, pneumatic, electric operation)
– Blades can be replaced by multi-chopper.

PVM Blender For The Manufacturing Of Pharmaceutical Powders.

Do you want to manufacture pharmaceutical powders that are highly friable without damaging/breaking them & you also need a high degree of cleanability & discharge? Our V-blender is the perfect choice for such applications.

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer features a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in proportion of 1:100000. This means that in a batch size of 100 kg, you will get a mixed proportion down to a size of 1 gram. The PVM mixer has V shaped chamber made up with 2 cylinders. Powders & granules can be fed by the 2 cylinders. A gear motor drives the chamber to rotate 360 degrees. This multi-dimensional motion makes the powder & granules inside tumble up & down & collide with each other all the time, & achieving uniform mixing in short time. We can also manufacture to a GMP standard if required.

V-blender are widely used in pharmaceutical industry due to its capability of making precise blends that contain minor components /ingredients that are dissimilar in size & density. In addition to that V-blender has intensifier bars which can be used to break the lumps during the mixing.

Some of the advantages of V-Blender are:
· Low initial cost.
· Easy maintenance.
· Reduction of lumps.

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