Do you want to manufacture pharmaceutical powders that are highly friable without damaging/breaking them & you also need a high degree of cleanability & discharge? Our V-blender is the perfect choice for such applications.

The PerMix PVM series V shaped Mixer features a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in proportion of 1:100000. This means that in a batch size of 100 kg, you will get a mixed proportion down to a size of 1 gram. The PVM mixer has V shaped chamber made up with 2 cylinders. Powders & granules can be fed by the 2 cylinders. A gear motor drives the chamber to rotate 360 degrees. This multi-dimensional motion makes the powder & granules inside tumble up & down & collide with each other all the time, & achieving uniform mixing in short time. We can also manufacture to a GMP standard if required.

V-blender are widely used in pharmaceutical industry due to its capability of making precise blends that contain minor components /ingredients that are dissimilar in size & density. In addition to that V-blender has intensifier bars which can be used to break the lumps during the mixing.

Some of the advantages of V-Blender are:
· Low initial cost.
· Easy maintenance.
· Reduction of lumps.